How To Get More Interviews

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In a globalized, noisy, digital world, it is becoming more difficult for professionals to standout from the crowd and find the right-fit opportunities for themselves. A big part of the problem is the dependence on obsolete paper resumes, and a lack of strong and coherent online brand management for professionals. Many professionals lack the basic understanding of how to market themselves online as a business of one. One of the most cost effective strategies is to build a professional online resume to represent your professional experience, qualification and skills to help you reach potential employers. But of course, you can’t get started with any online resume website because being a professional you have unique requirements and not every resume website has what it takes to enhance your overall experience and skills for the potential employers. Your online profile must be trendy, innovative, creative and showcases your accomplishments and value that you can create for potential employers and organizations.   Unlike stocks, with people, past performance is a great indicator of future performance.

Consider the below tips to make your professional online resume standout!

A Professional Headshot

We are visual creatures. Just think about how when you speak with someone on the phone your mind always creates an image of that person to go with it.   A professionally taken headshot boosts your profile views and increases conversions where employers reach out to you.

Tell them who YOU are

Employers invest a lot of time, effort and money during the recruitment process, and one of things that don’t usually come out thought a resume is the candidate’s personality.  The ‘About Me’ section is a great place to tell them a bit about what makes you tick?  What are you passionate about?  What drives you?  

If you are in sales you can consider a statement similar to

Driven to create value to customers and my employer through over achieving sales targets.

If you are in marketing

I am passionate about cracking the social/digital marketing puzzle and great quality leads

If you are in customer support

I love turning every customer call into a success story for my company

The ‘About Me’ section in a professional online resume is a great place to introduce yourself to potential employers.  Just think, how would you introduce yourself to someone you have just met? How would you do it in a professional setting? Such an introduction is a must, and goes into this section.   Your headshot and about me section make the top 40% of your professional online resume. This is where you need to convince employers that they should continue and read more.

List your ‘Skills’ strategically

Most people try to through as many skills as possible into their resume, and hope something clicks with the employer.  Unfortunately this is a very ineffective strategy as employers know no one can be god at everything.  You should put down what you excel at.  Don’t try to be the jack of all trades.  Employers are not looking for employees who are good at everything.  Typically employers hire because they need specific skill sets, and have a specific problem they need to solve.  Focus on your top 3-4 strengths and make and list your most recent accomplishments to back up your claims.  

Tip: Include numbers and figures to add credibility to your accomplishments.

Be careful with social media

This is the place to be cautious. If your social media channels contain questionable content, then it maybe best to leave them out. However, at least, include your LinkedIn profile link.

Consider your audience when designing your professional online resume

When small businesses design their websites, they have to think about their customers, and how their customers make purchasing decisions. The same is true for you as a business of one. Your product is your skillset and experience and the value that you will create for your potential employers. A professional online resume is a marketing brochure with a single objective; To get your interviews! Ensure that the look and feel of your resume appeals to your target audience.

Tip: Include imagery and content geared to your audience.

Showcase your work

The best way to showcase your work is to use concrete language describing measurable accomplishments.  Be as specific as possible. 

For more information on this you can read our article: 5 Killer Tips to Make Your Resume Standout

Include your contact information

Lastly, the entire purpose of your complete professional online resume is lost if you don’t make your contact information available for your audience to get in touch with you. However, remember that this is the internet, so your information will be accessible to anyone. Do not put your home address, or home number. It would be better to have a special phone number to get calls on just from your resume. Check out Line2 they have amazing plans and you will get any calls right on your existing smartphone.   Also, don’t forget to have a contact form that sends messages right into your email box.

Now you know the essential components of a professional online resume. If you are looking to enhance your online brand, download an online resume today from our store. All our resumes are visually stunning and fully functioning websites.


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